What is Android Q ?


What is Android Q ?
 Hello Guys, Today we are telling you about such things, which Google has recently launched, Android Q, the latest version of Android, you have been hearing this news for quite some time, Android Q Launch is going to be launched today. Will launch tomorrow, but today Finally is launched,
For your information, let me tell you that the Beta version has just arrived and Android Q is the tenth (10th) version of the Google operating system, so far according to the report, Google has told that this operating system security issues from all other operating systems. I am very strict. Let me tell you, along with security, it will also support the foldable smartphone.

Google says that this new version has come, this is a privacy centric, due to which users can easily control their apps, but one thing is that if you share the file, then you will get a limited access in it i.e. you can get unlimited file share Can not,

In this version, Google has made a lot of changes in the Share Menu, you can say that this version is much faster than the earlier version, as well as a lot of changes in the settings panel, let us tell you everything by point wise. It is not good at one point.
I will tell you in detail in the first place. In the short before, I will tell you what features are in Android Q, Vulkan 1.1 support, Faster App start time, New Media Codes, Google believes this latest version Android Q Beta Version is already running SmartPhone Is more user friendly,
For your information, for the time being, this Android version was introduced for Google’s smartphones Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Let us clear the Doubt by making a point wise, what will be the features in it, what is good and what is bad.
1. Foldable Phone Support :  Support of Android Q can come in Native Foldable phones, let me tell you what is Native Foldable, what does Native Foldable mean, it means a clean and smooth layout of Android Apps present in smart phones,
2 . System Wide Screen Recording Tools : Tools can record your screen, that is, you can capture all the things you do on your phone through video, such as by opening any settings. You can record your screen in the same way that you can record your screen, like what you clicked, you can record your screen, you can also attach your voice over with your screen record. You can say that if you say something with the recording, that too will be recorded.
3. DownGrade Support :  I liked this feature so much, you can DownGrade any application, although you can still do it but only with Google’s app, but now apart from Google’s apps, all the phones in your phone There will be app, you can downgrade everything,
4. Emergency ShortCut :  You know such features works very much for the user, an emergency button was given in it, which you can handle with the power button, we are often seen that the phone remains locked. So, we are not able to do anything in it, but there are some such things in it, you can do it from Power Menu.
5. PiP Mode : In this you will also be given enhanced pip mode, seen on your TV ad or YouTube channel, running many apps in one screen, in the same way through this mode you can run many apps in one small screen.
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