What is a blog and What is Blogging ?

What is a blog and What is Blogging ?


Hello guys, how are you guys? I hope you all will be fine! Friends, today we are going to discuss a very important topic on this article, so you must read this article carefully till the last.

Friends, today we will talk about Blogging. Ever heard of your blogging? If you have heard it is good. If seen, nowadays everyone is public about Blogging and a lot of people are willing to go to the field of blogging to put their 9 to 5 job.

But if seen, all the people still do not know about Blogging. After Jio’s arrival, when people started using the Internet more, then they started to know about the blogging field.

Blogs are a website. you give your any topic information through the blog on the Internet.

In olden times people used to poach their information or any information through their Diary or News Paper.

In the same way nowadays people share their daily life and their knowledge with the people through blogs.

Blogs are called accounts on the Internet, so blogs are also called Web Logs. There are some types of blogging sites where you submit your accounts such as Blogger.com, WordPress.com, Tumbler.com and Wix.com.

The question of the people remains that what is the difference between Blogger and Blogging? Let’s tell you

Blog: A blog is a diary.

Blogging: We call blogging the speed of writing blogs.

Blogger: The person who writes a blog, we call it Blogger.

So now we know how many types of blogs are there.

What are the types of blogs ? (Types Of Blog)

Friends, blogs are basically of 3 types.
1.Personal Blog.
2.Niche Blog.
3. Company Blog.
Well, we now know these types in bed.

1.Personal Blog:
Friends Personal Blog is that people who write blogs without any purpose (Like a Diary). People, as Poem writes in it, sometimes share their Personal Experience with the logo. If seen, no such blog exists. Many people start such personal blogs and then quit because there is no use to create such a blog. It is like a personal diary of yours. Which is that it is like an open book on the Internet. Today, People do not do much personal blogging calls. Because after the arrival of Social Media, people like to create a profile about themselves and share about themselves there.

2.Niche Blog:
Friends, the second type is Niche Blogging. Niche means a topic in which you are interested. As seen, on the Internet, all the different articles are written about like Digital Marketing, Blogging, Technology, Health, Relationship, Fashion, Travel, Food, it is all a Niche. Simply said, whatever topic you write on your Russian blog is called Niche Blogging.

3.Company Blog:
We call Company Blog as Corporate Blogging. Corporate Blogging has no personal purpose. Any organization uses it as its bulletin. Any organization or company is sharing content according to their targeted audience through corporate blogging. Which ultimately benefits their company.

Why Blogging? (Why Blogging is Necessary)
Friends, there must be a question in the mind of the people that why do people blogging or blogging? Let’s know about it in bed. Friends, some people start a blog, as a Hobby, some people blogging to share their personal experiences and their knowledge.

People like friends do their offline business such as setting up clothes shops, opening food stores, opening restaurants, in the same way your blog is also a shop. Which you do business through online i.e. Internet.

On this business you bring people to your shop. Through Advertisement or through your article and through your Social Media Channel. If seen, we promote our business through these mediums.

Your content on the blog is the mall of your shop. The better your mall is, the more people will except your mall on social media or all platforms.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that whenever you go to a restaurant, you go to the place where you get good food, in the same way if your content will be good on the blog then only Google will put your content on top i.e. Look at it and will also give you Profit.

Always you will remember that your blog is your destiny. Through Blog, you can become a good Digital Marketer. If your blog is popular then you will be surprised by what the blog can give you. Surrey on India is such a blogger who has earned lakhs of crores of rupees through his blog and has got the chance to roam the whole country. Blogging can change your life.

Important tips for blogging:
Friends, first you find a Topic or Niche on which you will write a blog.
Choose a good name for your blog. (Domain Name)
Register your blog name online and Buy Hosting. (Godaddy.com)
Customize your blog (Theme Design & Development). (WordPress.com/Blogger.com)
Write and publish your first blog post.
Promote your blog as much as possible.
 Monetize your blog. (AdSense / Affiliate Marketing / Paid Course)

Conclusion: (What is Blogging). 
Friends, I hope you all enjoyed reading what is blog If you have any query related to the post, then you must tell us on the comment. Together, if you tolerate us on Blogging and those interesting posts, then definitely stay connected with our blog. I would like to request one in the last, if you like the post, then share it on your friend and all social media channels.

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