Important Things Before Buying Camera / Camera Buying Tips

Important Things Before Buying Camera / Camera Buying Tips

Friends, nowadays every person is on social media and also shares his photos, how many people like his photos depends on his nature and his picture quality. Nothing frozen, you can keep your nataure good but picture quality does not depend on you picture quality depends on its camera if the features of your camera are good.

So your picture also comes good and if the features are not good then the picture also does not come good. So friends do not want this person that his picture is spoiled, every person wants that his picture should come as best as possible, so if they buy camera, then how should friends buy camera and what should be the features in it so that its The quality of the picture came out very well.

So today we will know through this post how a person should buy a camera and what should be the features in it. So let’s know about this. “Keep these things in mind before buying Camera”

Golden Tips : Why do you want to buy a camera, what kind of photos do you want to take, how much photography experience do you have, do you see photography as an art medium, do you want to get a camera that is in the pocket How much is your budget?

1. Megapixel : Friends is a very important part of megapixel camera. The megapixel takes care that when enlarging the picture, its quality does not deteriorate. The higher the megapixel of the camera, the more the picture can be enlarged. And while enlarging the picture, the quality of the time picture will not deteriorate, it will remain the same as it was before.

Friends, of course, the megapixel does not even mean that the higher the megapixel camera, the better the picture will be drawn. The advantage of simply buying a camera of more megapixel is that its quality will not deteriorate when enlarging the picture. So friends, keep in mind that whenever you buy a camera, buy more megapixels.

2 . Take care of ISO also: When buying Friends camera, we should take special care of iso because most pictures are taken at night according to me, ios plays an important role in making picture great.

ios controls the camera’s censer. The advantage of ios is that it helps in taking quality pictures even in low light. So the higher the ios of the camera, the better and quality picture they will be able to take in low light.

Camera You will say how many ios camera will be right, then let us tell you that if you are buying a camera for photography, then you should buy a camera of ios above 1600. So when buying friends camera, you must take care of ios.

3. Take care of the lens : Friends This is the most important thing of the camera. If you are going to buy a camera, then you must get information about it. Friends, the reason why you want to buy the camera is that the lens itself makes the camera different from the camera coming in mobile, if it is not there then there is no difference between the camera of the mobile and this camera, that is, the better your lens will be. Only quality and best picture will come.

The quality of the picture depends on the lens itself, so friends, if you want to buy the camera, then check its lens once and buy the camera with the best lens.

 4. Image staybalizesan : Friends If you want to take videos along with photos, image staybalizesan plays an important role in it. If you do not have a tripod to keep the camera fixed at one place, it takes a lot of work to get rid of that difficulty.

image staybalizesan. Through this, you can keep the camera steady in one place. The specialty of this is that even if the camera moves a little, even if there is no difference in your movement, then when buying friends Camera, keep in mind that buy camera Whose image staybalizesan is good.

5. Take care of ROW : The two forms in which the pictures are saved in the camera are JPEG and ROW, if you have to edit the picture, then the row picture works only in it, you cannot edit the picture in jpeg.

You can edit the picture only in row pictures. And when you edit the picture in jpeg, the quality of the picture also deteriorates but the picture is not spoiled in editing the picture by Row.

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